WoRD is Worcester’s only roller derby team.

WoRD’s Board Members (2012-2013)
President: Uber Wench
Vice President: Stella Redshift
Treasurer: Warlock Man
Secretary: Slam Grier
Board Member at Large: Betty Battle Axe
Inter League Liaison: Falkor and Haddie Collider

Want to join us?  We’re looking for new skaters.  Like to skate but don’t want to get knocked down?  We need refs.  (and we’ll teach you how)  Check out our website for more information.

  1. Meghan says:

    I’m really excited to find a derby team in Worcester! I’m only a novice skater, but I’d love to get involved.

  2. Jo-Ellen says:

    Sent you guys a message through your site yesterday, and have been facebook, twitter, blog, and website stalking pretty much non-stop eveer since (I have not been very productive at work…) Can’t wait for the fresh meat classes to start up again in November!!!!!

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